An LDS Business College maintenance worker surprised a masked intruder when he arrived for work at 6:30 a.m. one morning last week.

Nick Stincelli said he cornered the bandit in a classroom and locked the door before making an emergency phone call to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.Say what?

Yes, the intruder was masked, but he was also wearing a fur coat, a raccoon coat to be specific. That may be because the intruder turned out to be just that - a raccoon.

Stincelli said the raccoon had been making visits to an upstairs restroom in the college for the past week, but it wasn't until Wednesday morning that school officials learned their intruder was of the four-footed furry variety.

"I thought we had a transient getting into the attic," Stincelli said. The maintenance man said he had found dirt and insulation in the restroom every morning for several days. Stincelli said he found a ceiling tile broken and a tuft of hair snagged on the side of the broken tile on Tuesday.

"I decided to lock the restroom and when I came to work this morning I found the raccoon sleeping in the corner," Stincelli said Wednesday.

The surprised intruder eluded Stincelli's attempt at capture and ran into a nearby classroom. Stincelli locked the room and placed his emergency call.

When DWR officers arrived, they found the furry critter sitting on top of a FAX machine. Officials weren't sure if the raccoon was attempting a FAX getaway or simply trying to get a message out to his family.

"We netted him and got a noose around his neck," explained DWR conservation officer Ken Marshita.

The intruder was unceremoniously transported to a waiting pickup truck where he put up a bit of a struggle before officers were finally able to administer a sedative him and remove the raccoon from the site.