A winery worker sought in the killings of his wife, two daughters and four other people was an angry, jealous man who spied on his wife and had threatened "to blow her head off," a friend said.

Ramon Salcido, 28, was so possessive of his wife that he drove home from work several times a day to check on her, said Richard Clark, Salcido's next-door neighbor in Boyes Hot Springs and friend.On Tuesday, only three days before her death, his wife learned he had been married before and had another child born only a short time before their own oldest daughter, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.

After learning of her husband's other life, Mrs. Salcido said she wanted to leave him, the newspaper said.

" `Now I can get an annulment,' " next-door neighbor Steve Nielsen quoted Mrs. Salcido as saying.

Salcido also was a regular seller and user of cocaine and possibly amphetamines, the Times reported, quoting several of his acquaintances it did not indentify by name.

On Thursday night, Salcido stayed out drinking until 2 a.m., then snorted cocaine with a friend, the newspaper said.

Sheriff's investigators said detectives had no information that Salcido sold drugs.

Clark described Salcido as being extremely jealous. "Anybody who was higher up than him or if he had a nicer car than he did - he didn't like that. He wanted to be No. 1," Clark said.

He also said the Salcidos had recently begun arguing loudly.

Once, he said, he heard Mrs. Salcido, an aspiring model, cry out, "Living with you is like living in jail! You won't let me go out!"

"I could hear them yelling. . . . I guess I knew (the killings) were coming. I heard him say, `I'm going to blow your head off,"' Clark said.

"He blew up - I had a feeling he would," said Clark.