A robber stabbed at a 20-year-old convenience store clerk early Monday morning, but the only penetrating wound was an insult.

"See you later, fatso," the robber said to the clerk as he fled the store with a case of beer.The clerk had been hosing down the pavement outside the 7-Eleven at 2175 E. 94th South when he noticed a customer was inside waiting at the counter shortly before 1 a.m. When the clerk passed the man to get to the cash register, the man thrust a 6-inch knife between the clerk's torso and left arm, according to a Sandy police report.

The knife dropped to the ground as the clerk continued around the counter to the cash register. The robber, a slender man in his 20s with greasy, brown hair, picked up the knife, delivered the verbal jab and fled the store on foot.