They come in all ages and sizes, but they all have something in common that sets them apart - a big heart.

Four Utah county residents have been presented the Carnation Community Service award for their volunteer efforts: Lanny Monson, Jane Tolman, Erma Bird and George Simmons.Monson was honored for his service with the Rape Crisis Volunteer Team. For the past three years, Monson has responded to emergency crisis calls from rape victims and their families. Recently Monson began volunteer work at Parents United, an agency that helps individuals deal with incest and sexual abuse.

Tolman has helped handicapped children at the special needs pre-school, Kids on the Move. Tolman has been helping the children reach their potential as well as laundering the bibs and cleaning clothes at her home.

For the past 33 years, Bird has been a volunteer with the Springville Museum of Art. Bird greets visitors and answers questions about the exhibits. Years ago, when the museum had no full-time staff, Bird was responsible for opening and closing the museum.

Simmons is a highly skilled artisan and craftsman who uses his talents to help others. For the past five years, Simmons has volunteered 20 hours each week as the assistant woodshop instructor at Mountain View High School. He voluntarily drew up plans for the Eldred Center Health Clinic in Provo.

The volunteers were recently presented with the Carnation Silver Bowl by Utah Attorney General Paul Van Dam at a ceremony in the White Memorial Chapel on Capital Hill in Salt Lake City.