The governor's Housing Development Advisory Council is soliciting proposals for the state's "critical needs housing" program.

The program has about $200,000, and most grants are expected to amount to $5,000-15,000.Priority will be given to projects that benefit the low income, leverage state funds with other resources, are cost-effective, show joint public/private participation, address problems of health, safety and welfare and are in areas in the state that are underserved.

Projects that request administrative funds, depend exclusively on the state for funding or only peripherally address housing will not be seriously considered.

Projects that will be considered include housing rehabilitation (such as emergency home repair), homelessness issues such as transitional housing, group homes and emergency shelters and special demonstration projects. There is also a need for projects that increase housing for minorities, handicapped, chronically mentally ill, retarded and elderly populations. Grants might also be made to temporarily support establishment of new housing authorities in rural areas.

The council is committed to fair housing for all Utahns. For technical assistance or information, contact Kerry William Bate, 6233 State Office Building, Salt Lake City, UT 84114, 538-3429. Completed applications must reach the office by 5 p.m. May 31.