Police are investigating the death of a 14-year-old boy found in his bedroom with a gunshot wound to his head that investigators believe was not self-inflicted.

Steve Diarte was rushed to McKay-Dee Hospital after being shot Monday about 10 p.m. He remained in extremely critical condition, and his condition never stabilized before his death about 7 p.m., a hospital spokesman said Tuesday.Detective Capt. Marlin Balls said Wednesday that no conclusions had been reached. A preliminary investigation indicated the shooting may have been accidental.

Police said the boy's parents, two siblings and cousin were present when the boy was shot, but they told police they didn't know what had happened to the boy.

Police said they do not believe Diarte's gunshot wound was self-inflicted or that it was a contact wound because no powder burns appeared on the skin.

In addition, they found a recently fired .22-caliber Marlin automatic rifle against a wall in the boy's room several feet from where he lay.

Police found Diarte lying on the bed. A single bullet entered his head just above the right eye and exited through the back of the skull.

They said the boy had been on the bed listening to a tape player when the shooting occurred.