Investigators from the baseball commissioner's office met with a Massachusetts prosecutor to discuss allegations that Cincinnati Reds manager Pete Rose gambled with a convicted bookmaker, according to published reports.

Meanwhile, other published reports said a friend of Rose was allowed to stay at the team's hotel this spring at a special club discount. A published report also said Rose allowed an unauthorized visitor into the clubhouse this spring.Bristol County District Attorney Ronald Pina said that during a 1984 gaming raid in southeastern Massachusetts police found a $27,000 check from Rose, who was playing for the Reds at the time, to Joseph Cambra, according to today's editions of the Boston Herald. Pina said, however, that investigators were unable to link the check directly to the alleged gaming operation, the Herald and the Boston Globe reported.

"To this day, I can't say that it was," the Herald quoted Pina as saying Thursday.

"There was no evidence to indicate any linkage of any illegal activity at that time," the Globe quoted Pina as saying. "All you had was a check from Peter Rose, whatever it was for."

Cambra has a record of gambling-related arrests and convictions dating back to 1959, according to the Herald. However, The Providence Journalon Thursday quoted Cambra as saying Rose "never placed any bets with me. I'll go to court and testify for Peter Rose."

Two Newton private investigators retained by the commissioner's office, Richard Slowe Jr. and J. Michael Doyle, met with Pina and other authorities for about 45 minutes Thursday, according to both newspapers.

"The district attorney's office is completely cooperating with us," the Herald quoted Slowe as saying.

"They told us about everything they know," the Globe quoted him as saying. "We will then pass that on to major league baseball, and they will make a decision about what to do with it."

Both the Globe and the Herald reported that unidentified sources said Cambra showed several people in the Fall River-Somerset area a 1975 World Series ring and said it was given to him by Rose.

"Joseph Cambra was openly bragging that he was one of (Rose's) biggest bookies and he was placing weekly bets in the thousands of dollars," the Herald quoted an unidentified source as saying.

The Dayton Daily News reported Thursday that Cambra was allowed to stay at the Reds' hotel in spring training this year at the team rate of $35 a night rather than the normal rate of $65.

Reds traveling secretary Dan Lunetta confirmed that Cambra received the team discount, but Lunetta said he didn't recall if Rose had arranged it, the newspaper reported.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Reds owner Marge Schott was surprised about Cambra getting the team rate.

Rose is being investigated by the commissioner's office for gambling.