The Logan School Board has voted unanimously against a proposed amendment to the Utah High School Activities Association constitution that would allow girls to participate in athletic events involving physical contact with boys.

The amendment proposes deleting from the constitution the words, "The association will prohibit the entrance of girls into any of its regularly scheduled athletic events where they would come into direct physical contact with boys."The amendment was proposed by the activities association's board of directors meet federal Title IX guidelines, which mandate equal opportunities for both sexes.

Board member Ronald Peterson recommended Thursday that the board oppose the amendment.

"We may have no choice, but I still think girls should be girls and boys should be boys," he said.

Board president JoAnn Wimmer said she feels the same way, but that the federal government may rule otherwise.

"I hurt when I see big husky boys playing football, and I would die if I saw girls out there playing with them. I'm afraid we are in a position where we can't legally deny it and yet we can't morally vote for it," she said.