A 52-year-old Utah rancher who earlier this month had his conviction on cattle rustling overturned by the Wyoming Supreme Court has been arrested on outstanding warrants pending in the two states.

Modesto Mendicoa, of Manila, Daggett County, was caught late Thursday after a short chase outside a cafe near Urie in Uinta County, Sweetwater County Undersheriff Larry Payne said."He was arrested on an existing warrant in Sweetwater County on a bond revocation," Payne said. "Also, there's an unlawful flight to avoid prosecution (warrant) issued by the federal courts."

The Sweetwater County charge stemmed from Mendicoa leaving the area while appealing his year-old conviction of cattle rustling, said the undersheriff. The unlawful flight charge stemmed from a plea agreement he had reached in Weber County, Utah, on drug-related charges, said Payne.