From the cradle to the grave, we consume. Food, clothing, services, appliances, paper products - the list is literally endless.

And youths are one of the strongest consumer groups, from a dollars-spent point of view. But most of them - most consumers in general, in fact - don't know much about consumer issues or how to be a wise consumer.A recent study of eighth- and 10th-graders indicated that only 43 percent could tell what the chief ingredient of a cereal is by reading the box. Only 42 percent knew what the date stamped on a milk carton means.

The Deseret News' Newspaper in Education program will present a subject-intensive daylong seminar on consumer issues for teachers April 22, in conjunction with National Consumers Week April 23-29. The seminar will show instructors how to use newspapers and other information to teach students about a variety of consumer issues, from how to consume wisely to getting involved with the government on consumer issues.

Carma Wadley, Deseret News feature editor and consumer writer, will present a session on newspapers and consumer issues. Her weekly consumer features, which run on Mondays, have covered a range of topics from nutrition to advertising to saving money to product safety.

The University of Utah Family and Consumer Studies Department has provided an overview and history of consumer issues called "America at Risk" for the seminar. Participants will also be able to tour the Utah State Department of Agriculture and receive information on the relationship between the state government and the consumer.

Carolyn Dunn, consumer adviser for Smith's Food King, will present a workshop on meeting consumer needs in the community.

The seminar, which will be held at the Department of Agriculture, 350 N. Redwood Road, is limited to 50 participants. The $15 registration fee covers the cost of 1/2-1 credit, lunch and materials, including 90 classroom newspapers.

To register, call Newspaper in Education, 237-2140.