While most of the mainstream music press continues to call Johnny-come-latelys like English New Wave throwback Elastica punk rock, the spirit of punk lives on in more underground American acts.

A handful of concerts within the next two weeks feature a couple of the country's least-known but deserving punk acts:- TILT - Though the women of L7 and Hole get all the headlines, punk rock's most talented vocalist may be Cinder Block of the Bay Area four-piece Tilt.

Part Exene Cervanka (from X) and part Billie Joe Armstrong (from Green Day), she flexes her ample vocal and songwriting talents on the band's second CD, " 'Til It Kills," which features crafty, hook-laden pop-punk with biting lyrics.

Some who were in attendance might quibble, but Block and her bandmates surely stole the show opening for Green Day in a memorable Club DV8 concert last year.

Tilt and fellow pop-punk rockers Bracket play the Club DV8 basement, 115 S. West Temple, on Monday, June 26.

The Smoking Popes will also deliver its own version of punk on the DV8 floor Monday, June 26. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Bracket and Smoking Popes both blend the irreverent spirit of early punk with the '90s feel for an energetic mix.

- TOTAL CHAOS - Probably the most punk-rock act on punk-rock label Epitaph Records, Total Chaos plays in-your-face music that guitarist Ronald McMurder says his grandmother hates.

The five-piece band from Ontario, Calif., recently added a member of Salt Lake's Deviance on guitar and just released its second full-length, "Patriotic Shock."

The band is equally well-known for its blistering live performances, charity work (playing concerts for several U.S. Food Not Bombs chapters) and arrests (usually relating to band members' behavior in public).

Total Chaos headlines a Tuesday, June 27, show at the Club DV8 basement.