A Salt Lake City boy was injured Saturday by a runaway cow at Wheeler Historic Farm.

The cow had broken out of its pen and was being pursued by a farm worker trying to capture it.Benjamin Fogg, 3, was walking on the farm with his parents. The cow darted around the corner, knocked the boy over and then stepped on his chest, according to Jim Handley, paramedic with Salt Lake County Fire Department.

The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office and Gold Cross Ambulance also responded to the 5 p.m. accident. After it was determined that the boy's injuries were not "too serious," the boy was driven by his parents to Cottonwood Hospital.

Contacted at the hospital's emergency room Saturday evening, Benjamin's parents, Brad and Mindy, reported their son was being treated for bruises.

Mindy Fogg said her son had been frightened by the incident.

Wheeler Historic Farm officials could not be reached for comment.m.