The National Park Service has approved the appraisal price of Indian Rocks State Park near McCammon, paving the way for the closed park to be turned over to the Boy Scouts of America.

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation was notified of the Park Service's approval this week, said Bill Dokken, chief of operations.The park, located just west of McCammon, has been appraised at $54,000. The federal approval was necessary, even though the park is a state facility.

The Boy Scouts are interested in Indian Rocks as a possible overnight campsite and training facility. Dokken said he plans to meet with Boy Scout leaders soon to discuss options for turning the park over to them.

He said in order to close the deal with the Scouts, the Park Service requires that the state acquire comparable park property elsewhere.

Indian Rocks was closed in 1980 because of a tight budget and because it attracted few visitors. A private contractor opened it in 1983, but the venture shut down a year later.