A brochure that converts into a miniposter announcing the Utah Centennial Commission's logo and slogan contest should be available in a few weeks.

Maxine Grimm, chairwoman, told commission members Wednesday that the brochure design is essentially complete and she is negotiating with a printing company to have the actual production and materials donated to the commission project.The commission has set a tentative date of Oct. 20 to receive entries in the contest to select a logo and slogan that will be used to promote the state's centennial celebration on Jan. 4, 1996.

Plans call for a school-level competition to begin this fall, but the contest is open to all Utahns. The brochures and posters should be in public libraries by the end of May for those interested in getting an early start. Commission officials hope to use the logo in numerous ways to promote the centennial including licensing it for use on T-shirts, posters, bumper stickers and other promotional items.

At its Wednesday meeting, the commission also discussed using the logo on commemorative coins, stamps and even a rifle.

Max Evans, director of the Utah State Historical Society, said Browning Arms, a Utah-based gun manufacturer, is working on a proposal to issue a commemorative rifle edition. The rifle would be a replica of a gun related to the early development of Utah and would bear the centennial logo and slogan.

Grimm said she has made preliminary contact with the U.S. Postal Service and found support for issuing a commemorative stamp. She said a committee will be assigned to work out details on the issue.