Millard County commissioners have expressed some support for Air Force plans to build an electronic battlefield in the West Desert but want a base located in their county.

"We feel like we would favor that," Commissioner Frank Baker said, "providing they put their base in Millard County and we got a little bit of good out of it. We'd like to see them put their base where they could use U.S. 6-50 and come into Delta and bring their business here."Juab County commissioners have spoken against the battlefield plans and are seeking an investigation from federal agencies on the need for it.

Plans to expand the Utah Test and Training Range south into Juab and Millard counties to test fighter pilots in mock electronic combat include the construction of several "threat sites" in the West Desert and a duty station, possibly at Sand Pass in Juab County.

Security personnel would be stationed at Sand Pass. Others, including contractors, would report to the duty station en route to sites in the field.

Millard commissioners sent a letter to the Air Force in November expressing concerns about mitigating potential impacts the project might have on roads in the West Desert. They also were concerned over economic impacts.

A draft environmental impact study is to be released in late June.

Millard Commissioner Jerry Brinkerhoff said he hasn't formed an opinion yet.

"I've been trying to find out all the facts," he said. "If it's not going to bring a lot of damage out there, I'd say we'd take it for the economic benefits. But I don't know enough about it yet. I've never been to a meeting with Air Force officials about impacts on roads."