Cinderella may have an extra hour to stay out dancing in Provo by next week if the City Council approves an ordinance change at its council meeting Tuesday.

Whether her carriage turns into a pumpkin at midnight depends on Ivy Tower Dance Club owners and their ability to get neighborhood approval for the change allowing them to stay open an hour later.An informal survey conducted by Ivy Tower Dance Club co-owner Scott Rosenberg found that neighbors within a block of the Ivy Tower Dance Club had no complaints about noise from the dance establishment.

Rosenberg presented council members the survey results this week with a request for a variance in the ordinance. The variance would have allowed Ivy Tower to stay open until 1 a.m. until the council can vote on the matter.

Mayor Joe Jenkins refused to grant the variance, however, and said it will be up to the council to decide if the ordinance should be changed to allow dancing past midnight.

Councilman Ben Porter said he would vote in favor of the change if Rosenberg could present the council with a petition signed by Ivy Tower neighbors, instead of figures from an informal survey.

The present ordinance gives the city the authority to close dance halls located within 500 feet of a residential area at midnight. The Ivy Tower and the Palace are two Provo clubs affected by the ordinance.

The owners of the clubs have asked the council to change the ordinance. In the past, both clubs have not taken tickets after midnight but have remained open until 1 a.m.

Rosenberg said such a schedule staggers the time when customers leave the establishment, instead of putting 500 people out in a parking lot at the same time.

Complaints in the past month about noise at Ivy Tower have caused the city to strictly enforce the ordinance.

Rosenberg said he has sealed and insulated windows and has increased security to keep noise down in the parking lot.

"The neighbors have said if we keep the noise down, then they can live with the club," he said.

Councilwoman Anagene Cottrell said: "One more hour makes no difference to me. The noise control will determine how long you will stay open. It will control itself."