First-degree murder charges have been filed against three people arrested in the death of a Chinese student last week.

Reynaldo Casarez, 18, Cynthia Rae Gomez, 18, and Fred Angel Gomez, 18, are named in a capital murder complaint filed Friday in 3rd Circuit Court.The trio, all of Salt Lake City, are accused of robbing and killing Shi Tam, 23, whose body was found in the Jordan River near 10th South the morning of April 6.

They were arrested Tuesday after the Salt Lake Police Department's SWAT team stormed a house at 116 S. Ninth West.

According to police and the complaint, Tam was brought to the house by Casarez to meet a girl the night of April 5. After he was taken into a bedroom by Cynthia Gomez, he was jumped by Fred Gomez and Casarez, the complaint says.

Fred Gomez strangled Tam with a telephone cord while Cynthia Gomez stabbed him in the stomach and back with a curling iron, the charges say.

A witness also saw Casarez "strike (Tam) between the eyes with a baseball bat," the complaint states.

The defendants then supposedly stole Tam's wallet, containing about $20, and his car, which was used to transport the victim's body to the river.

The victim's nude body had been wrapped in a blanket and weighted with rocks.

Police recovered Tam's car last Saturday at 1550 N. Ninth West.

Tam, originally of Hong Kong, had been living with two brothers and a sister in a Sugar House home. He was a student at the University of Utah and was working two jobs, at a restaurant and a department store.