The Utah Air Conservation Committee imposed a $5,000 fine Friday on North Davis Cabinet Co. for improper disposal of barrels of asbestos.

Committee members briefly considered a $10,000 penalty against the company, located at Freeport West Center. But after co-owner Elvin Rasmussen said the only people who were exposed to the asbestos were himself and another owner, the $5,000 fine was imposed.Jeff Dean, manager of compliance for the Utah Bureau of Air Quality, told the committee that asbestos problems with North Davis Cabinet first surfaced in October 1986, when a state investigator found that the company had removed "a lot of pipe covered with asbestos lining."

The 459 feet of piping was taken from a building that the company had purchased. State laboratories confirmed that material sampled was 60 percent asbestos, known to cause cancer and other diseases.

A notice of violation was issued, requiring the cabinet company to submit a schedule on complying with regulations, but the company didn't respond.

The company later told him it would do no more work involving asbestos. But on April 8, 1988, a state investigator returned and found "there had been extensive demolition and renovation of the interior" of the building.

The investigator also photographed asbestos in drums at the site and the company was cited for violations. Later the asbestos was properly disposed of.

Dean said complaints have been received about children playing in the Freeport West Center.