The Communist Party newspaper Pravda accused the new political group Democratic Union on Friday of seeking to remove the Communist Party from power and change the Soviet Union's social system.

It said there should be a law against such activities.Pravda said it was natural that in the process of perestroika, or restructuring, such organizations would emerge. "What is needed is legislative protection for perestroika and glasnost (greater openness)," it said. "Society should be guaranteed protection against extremism."

It said organizations like the Democratic Union, which was formed last May, can only harm the perestroika drive.

Yuri Mityunov, a spokesman for the Democratic Union, called Pravda's allegations ridiculous.

"Ours is a very ordinary program," Mityunov said in a telephone interview. "We want pluralism, equal opportunities for all."

He said that if the Communist Party had a better program to offer when voting time came, "we will vote for the Communist Party."

The Democratic Union says it wants elections with competing parties, independent trade unions, a new constitution and withdrawal of Soviet troops from East Europe and areas taken by the Soviet Union in World War II.

The group has affiliates throughout the country, but no membership count was available.

Pravda said an analysis of Democratic Union documents circulated in Leningrad showed the organization lifted more than two-thirds of its program straight from the Communist Party itself on human rights, political and economic reform, questions of education and culture, and relations with the church.