Nice going, Utah Jazz!

After having never even threatened to take the title in the past four seasons, the Jazz on Friday night claimed their second Midwest Division championship, the first since 1983-84.Judging from the reaction of the team itself and the comments on the sports pages, it evidently isn't considered "cool" to care about this accomplishment. But if that's what passes for sophistication these days, we want no part of it.

In fact, we're not embarrassed to say we're overjoyed at this achievement and proud of the Jazz. After all, a sports fan is someone who is enthusiastic about a particular team - so a statewide show of excitement is clearly in order.

Besides, we care about excellence, and we care about the community spirit the Jazz help to build. Consequently, we care about the team itself.

And we like to think that the best is yet to come. Meanwhile, bravo, Jazz!