A South African suspected of being a serial killer dubbed the "Station Strangler" who murders mixed-race boys was jailed for 25 years Wednesday for murdering a young boy.

"It is difficult for me in any way to find sympathy . . . for a child murderer," Judge Wally van Deventer said in the Cape Town Supreme Court when he sentenced Norman Afzal Simons, 27.Simons was found guilty of murdering 10-year-old Elroy van Rooyen in March 1994.

The judge sentenced Simons to 25 years imprisonment on the murder charge and 10 years for kidnapping Elroy. The sentences will run concurrently.

Police suspect Simons might be the Station Strangler, South Africa's worst serial killer, who is believed to have killed 21 boys and a young man, all of mixed race, during an eight-year killing spree.

The Station Strangler is believed to have lured many of his victims away from train stations. Most were found buried in shallow graves in the Cape Town area after being sodomized and strangled.

Simons has so far been charged only with Elroy's murder. The boy was last seen alive boarding a train with him at Cape Town's Strand railway station March 11, 1994. His body was found 10 days later with his hands tied behind his back.