The lineup of Pontiacs for 1989 is, in a word, exciting. Displaying the Pontiac at the show will be Mark Miller Pontiac.

Among those to be seen will be the Bonneville, Grand Am and, of course, the Firebird.Featured in the Bonneville is a 3.8-liter V6 engine with multi-port sequential fuel injection and anti-lock brakes. Additional detail improvements throughout the line serve to enhance the comfort and utility available with the Bonnevilles.

The Grand Am continues to maintain its unique grille look while presenting its first major appearance change since the models introduction in 1985. Ride comfort and handling are improved by new defelcted-disc valving in the front MacPherson struts and the rear shock absorbers. To ensure long life, the hood and fenders are made of steel galvanized on both sides.

For 1989, the Multec fuel injectors have been added for more reliability and less susceptibility to fuel fouling. Pass Key anti-theft protection is now standard on all cars in the lineup. The system has been successful in reducing Corvette thefts by 40 percent. The entire line will receive clear coat pain over the base color coat for long-lasting high gloss.