Officials expelled Liza Minnelli's dog from Sweden Tuesday, saying she smuggled it into the country in violation of quarantine laws while on tour with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. Minnelli brought the shaggy Scottish terrier named Lilly into Sweden aboard a car ferry from Denmark, and it was discovered at Minnelli's hotel in Stockholm Monday night, officials said. Two customs officials came to seize the dog, but Minnelli refused to hand over Lilly and threatened to cancel her show Tuesday night with Sinatra and Davis. The customs officials guarded her room all night until Minnelli agreed to fly the dog out of the country Tuesday morning. "One of Minnelli's assistants eventually took the dog and flew with it to Paris this morning," Swedish customs inspector Stig Thelberg said. To keep Sweden free from rabies, a dog has to spend four months in quaratine before it is allowed into the country.