A Brigham Young University music professor arrested Monday in Salt Lake County in connection with an extortion scheme was charged Wednesday with aggravated arson in connection with a firebombing incident March 6 in Bountiful.

Percy Kalt, 58, Provo, and his nephew, Steven Kalt, 30, Cottonwood Heights, had been arrested earlier in the week in connection with a suspected extortion scheme intended to recover $35,000 lost through bad investments in penny stocks.The Kalts were arrested in Salt Lake City on Monday night after two men picked up a briefcase containing $1,000 in money left at a site as part of an extortion payoff scheme.

Following his release from the Salt Lake County Jail, Percy Kalt was booked into the Davis County Jail and a formal complaint was filed in 2nd Circuit Court, Bountiful, in connection with an incident in which the Bountiful home of Michael Strand was damaged by a firebomb tossed through a basement bedroom window.

Strand is under indictment on federal fraud and stock-manipulation charges and is being sued by numerous investors who have recently lost money.