Parents who decide to educate their children at home will be required to get annual approval from the Murray Board of Education.

In a revised policy adopted by the board Wednesday night, parents will be require to submit annual written requests to have their children released from the public school program. The board must review and approve the requests each year, regardless of how many years a child has been taught at home, the board decided.Director of Secondary Education Stanford Mackay said the district's policy outlines certain criteria that must be followed for a family to participate in home-centered education.

Besides the annual review, a child's home study must follow subjects or areas of study required by the district and state. Children in grades 1 and 2 must attend a home-study program 22 1/2 hours per week. Children in grades 3-12 will be required to spend 27 1/2 hours per week in home-study. Kindergarten is not required.

In allowing home study, the Murray district reserves the right to monitor and evaluate a child's performance, the new policy says.