Chelsey and Courtney are the best of friends, both small and brown-haired and usually with bright smiles and matching shirts.

They go everywhere together, so it wasn't surprising that Courtney went along when 4-year-old Chelsey Bowyer entered the operating room at Cottonwood Hospital Wednesday morning to have her tonsils removed.Courtney is Chelsey's beloved doll, slightly battered and bruised from a thousand hours of being carried and loved and played with. In fact, being a constant companion can take its toll, and Courtney's plastic leg was separating from her soft-cloth body.

No problem. The man of the hour, Dr. Marsden Blanch, just turned his medical ministrations to Courtney when he was through with the little girl. A suture here, a bandage there and - voila!

Alan and Kelly Bowyer, Chelsey's parents, were in the waiting room when the doctor came out carrying Courtney.

"She's fine," Bowyer quoted the doctor as saying. He pointed to the bandage on the doll's leg. "This bandage needs to stay on for a week. That's very important. In about a week, she should be feeling pretty normal. She'll be dancing in no time."

"It was really cute," Bowyer said. "And when Chelsey saw her, she was so excited. She told her grandma, "Courtney had an operation, too. But she's fine!' "

The doctor had a few words about Chelsey, too: "World-record size tonsils; they were huge."

The relieved father reports that the two "girls" are relaxing at home and feeling pretty good.

But the Deseret News also got a report that they were whispering to each other. Something like:

Chelsey: "That trip to the hospital was a pain in the neck."

Courtney: "You're pulling my leg."