A 12-year-old boy led police on a brief car chase late Wednesday before he and a 15-year-old companion crashed the car on the I-15 Sixth South off-ramp.

The 1977 sedan was totaled in the crash, but neither boy was seriously injured, said Salt Lake police Lt. Bill Shelton.The incident started about 10:15 p.m. when the owner of the vehicle left the car running while he went into a residence on Ninth West near 13th South. "He saw the vehicle traveling north just as he came out of the residence."

The man chased the car on foot until he reached Fourth South, where he flagged down an officer, Shelton said. The officer had begun making a report on the stolen vehicle when the man saw the two boys drive by in his car.

The officer chased after the vehicle, which entered I-15 at Sixth North. The pursuit continued south on the freeway for about three minutes at speeds in excess of 90 mph until the boys lost control of the vehicle and struck a guard rail at Sixth South.

"The car went to the graveyard," Shelton said, but both boys suffered only minor injuries and were treated at the scene before being taken into custody.

Shelton said both boys live near where the car was stolen.