Utah County Democrats will convene their organizing convention at 10 a.m. May 13 at the Orem City Center, said County Chairman Bob Stringham. The major business will be the election of county officers.

Democrats interested in running for party office are encouraged to contact Mike Marchant, at 374-9511, who has been appointed chairman of convention. The names of declared candidates received by May will be included on the printed ballot. Others may be nominated from the floor, but will have to be write-in candidates.The four positions open for election are chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer. The four incumbents have declared their intention to run for re-election. They include: Bob Stringham, chairman, Provo; LaVon Laursen, vice chairman, American Fork; Vera B. Nielsen, secretary, Orem; and C. Wynn Everett, treasurer, Mapleton. Officers are elected for two-year terms.

County delegates who were elected at the 1988 mass meetings will continue to serve at this year's convention.

Gary C. Bryner, Brigham Young University professor of political science, will give the keynote address. He will talk about challenges that Utah will be addressing in the coming decade.