APRIL 9-15 IS NATIONAL GARDEN WEEK, AND IN CELEBRATION THE NATIONAL GARDEN BUREAU AND THE NATIONAL JUNIOR HORTICULTURAL ASSOCIATION ARE SPONSORING THE THIRD ANNUAL NATIONAL GARDEN WEEK POSTER CONTEST. THIS YEAR'S THEME: "WE ARE THE FUTURE . . . GROW WITH US."All children are encouraged to enter the contest. A self-addressed, stamped envelope is to be sent with the poster. Those children entering will receive a "green" ribbon in recognition.

Poster contest rules

1. Enter one of two divisions based on age: Division 1 - ages 5 to 7; Division 2 - ages 8 to 10.

2. Drawing size must be 81/2 by 11 inches.

3. Only one entry per participant.

4. Place artist's name, age, date of birth and address on back of poster.

5. Poster must be an original color drawing based on this year's theme: "We are the future . . . Grow with us."

6. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with each entry. Results will be mailed by July 15 to each entrant.

7. Entries will not be returned. The National Junior Horticultural Association reserves the right to use the drawing for publicity purposes.

8. Entries must be mailed by May 15 to: National Garden Week Poster Contest, Jan Hoffman, 441 E. Pine St., Freemont, MI 49412

9. Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in automatic disqualification.

Entry deadline: May 15.

The first-prize winner in each division will win a children's garden tool set.