With less than a week left to check off the contribution to programs for the homeless on the state income tax forms, about 1 in 12 taxpayers is contributing, so far.

According to Lee Shaw, Utah State Tax Commission, $110,401 was designated to the Homeless Trust Fund as of March 31. The money, which will be administered by the State Homeless Coordinating Committee, represents an average contribution of $6.34 from nearly 9 percent of taxpayers who have contributed so far.The committee is releasing a request for proposals this week.

"We will pay special attention to proposals that focus on emergency housing and self-sufficiency, including employment and training components," said Maun Alston, committee chairwoman. She said that programs to help homeless families and the mentally ill homeless population will also receive particular attention.

Shaw said the donations are significantly higher than those made for non-game wildlife - the only other check-off on state tax forms.