Despite the effort of Carl Farnworth of Utah Power & Light Co. Tuesday, this sea gull was put to sleep late Tuesday because of a severely injured wing. Farnworth used a control stick to snare the sea gull, whose wing became entangled in a kite string in Sugarhouse Park. A Salt Lake Parks and Recreation Department employee spotted the bird hanging by one wing and fluttering. Efforts to save the bird with Parks equipment failed because the gull was about 40 feet in the air and near power lines. UP&L called Farnworth, a senior journeyman lineman, who placed a loop around the sea gull's uninjured wing, cut the string, and lowered the bird to animal control personnel. The sea gull was taken to the city's animal shelter. Lt Frank W. Crowe, public relations officer for county animal control, said the shelter has a list of people who rehabilitate birds, "but when a bird's wing has been damaged to this extent, there's not much you could do."