An elderly couple were recovering from injuries suffered when their 700-pound hog turned into a crashing boar and went on a rampage in their yard.

Homer Cato, 89, and his wife Victoria, 79, have kept the pig in their back yard for four years since he wandered onto the property in this town about 160 miles north of Miami.The pig broke out of his 15-by-30-foot pen Saturday after a fire started in the yard. He gouged Mrs. Cato's legs and right arm with his 4-inch tusks as the couple tried to get him back in the pen, said Xan Rawls, director of Brevard Animal Control.

On Sunday, an ambulance was sent to the house after Cato collapsed, Ms. Rawls said, but the pig blocked the doorway and kept paramedics at bay.

Animal control officials and sheriff's deputies were called in, and two deputies shot and killed the pig as it charged them.