May is mankind that in the spring becomes divided into two sharply defined classes. They are the doers and the dreamers, the toilers and the thinkers, the persons of accomplishment and the person of contemplation, the gardeners of the earth and the tillers of the fields of imagination and reflection.

May is the warm spring sun beaming down on the drying ground inciting the doer to deeds. Loud is the rattling of tools in basement and garage, and extensive are the projects undertaken. There is the soil to be worked and lawn raking to be done.May, on the other hand, is the man of contemplation, approaching the springtime on different terms. The warm sun beating downstairs not his muscles, but his mind, to activity. As he sinks into the lawn chair in the backyard, he is already in comunion with the deeper realities of the universe. He is in tune with celestial harmonies and cosmic mysteries.

May is those individuals who prize a newly-painted window shutter more highly than the highest transports of the dreamer's imagination. The bitter truth is that contemplation even of the highest order is often mistaken for indolence.

May is the invidious comparisons that are being drawn with the industrious neighbor cross the fence. It is openly hinted that a general tidying up is in order, lest the neighbors complain and the children be shamed.

May is the dreamer going forth thoughtfully for ladder, rake, and wheelbarrow. He can take comfort in the knowledge that the way of the intellectual has never been easy. H.L.