Starting July 1, authorities will begin enforcing a 1988 law requiring all off-road vehicle operators aged 8 to 15 to be certified by the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation.

The law went into effect on July 1, 1988. But because it took the division longer than expected to develop the certification program, violators have only been issued warnings.The program requires home study and a four-hour, hands-on skill course. The $10 course, taught by area volunteers, can be taken only after completing the lessons contained in an 88-page course manual.

Successful completion of the program will result in an off-road vehicle education certificate that will remain valid until the operator receives his or her driver's license.

Copies of the manual and a list of instructors can be obtained by calling 538-7323 in Salt Lake City and leaving a message on the answering machine. The materials are also available through participating off-road vehicle dealers and at state parks.

To get the information by mail, write the division at 1636 W. North Temple, Suite 116, Salt Lake City, UT 84114 or contact either the division's regional offices in Midway, Moab and Cedar City or the division's off-road vehicle training offices in Ogden and Provo.