An Orem man acquitted earlier this year of a first-degree murder charge in Los Angeles County now faces grand theft and conspiracy charges there.

Robert Goode, 29, was arrested Thursday in Orem on a fugitive warrant out of Glendale, Calif.Goode, a self-employed private investigator, was acquitted in January of charges he killed a Glendale businessman, who was shot five times on Jan. 13, 1986.

Goode told the Deseret News he was involved in a telephone scam in 1985 but believes the recent charges amount to nothing less than harassment.

"I was in jail for two years. They had plenty of time to file. Why now?" said Goode, who lives with his wife and son in a modest basement apartment in Orem.

Goode posted $2,500 bail Friday and faces a hearing May 5 in 4th Circuit Court.