Maybe you can't fight city hall, but in South Jordan you could get a chance to buy it.

City officials have received notice from Salt Lake County that the city hall, 11175 S. Redwood Rd., will be sold at next month's county tax sale unless the city coughs up $22,000 in back taxes on the building.Mayor Theron B. Hutchings and city administrator Richard Warne asked county commissioners Monday to forgive the tax debt and let South Jordan keep its city hall.

Government buildings are not subject to property taxes. But because a previous owner of the building didn't pay his tax bills the city was stuck with the $22,000 liability when it purchased and renovated the property to serve as city hall.

"In South Jordan, our tax base consists of three convenience stores and two fast- food restaurants. We don't have the money to pay the bill," Warne told commissioners. "We were aware the taxes were due when we bought the building, but now it's a serious problem."

Commissioners took the matter under advisement and said they hope for a decision within a week.