Being happy in your job goes beyond the size of your paycheck. It's also related to how your job fits in with your vision for life. Try these practical ways to see how satisfied you are:

- Are you valued for what you are, not just for what you can do? If not, rethink your job.

- Define your personal mission. Make a list of what you want in life and look for common patterns.

- Identify immediate and long-term actions you could take to accomplish one of your wants. How could those actions relate to your work?

- Explore your values. Are you following them in your job? If not, you're missing a good energy source.

- Use your creativity to set up projects that help you meet your vision and your employer's needs. Don't be afraid to let your dreams and reality meet.

- Try to accomplish something every day that moves you toward your vision. Congratulate yourself.

- Look at your personal "pie" the way you divide your day between work, self, family, friends and spiritual and recreational needs. Are you spending too much on your job and not on other areas you value?

- Revitalize yourself by taking breaks from your job. Don't always work weekends; take your vacations.

-Nourish your sense of mission: don't become stagnant. What could you learn that would serve your interests and your employer's needs? Attend seminars or classes, read, meet new people.