A former Salt Lake police officer charged with stealing money and drugs faces a hearing May 24 in 3rd Circuit Court.

Gary Dean Coonradt, 35, who was fired from the police department May 3, appeared Monday before Judge Floyd Gowans, who scheduled the hearing after formally reading a complaint that charges Coonradt with felony theft and unlawful possession of a controlled substance.The former officer told the judge he will be represented by Clint Balmforth, attorney for the Salt Lake Police Association.

Coonradt, who for months had been suspected of stealing property that should have been booked into the department's evidence room, was arrested after a "sting" May 2. Undercover police planted a briefcase in a parking lot and then had a dispatcher assign Coonradt to respond on a call of "found property."

The suitcase contained some adult magazines, a gun, $375 cash and 19 grams of cocaine. When Coonradt booked the attache into evidence, however, the cash and cocaine were missing, according to a criminal complaint.

Upon his arrest, Coonradt turned over $250 of the cash, and police found the cocaine in his patrol car, according to the complaint.

Hired from the Ogden Police Department, Coonradt worked in Salt Lake City for about four years, officials said.