Where born: La Grande, Oregon.Family: Mother Dorothy, father Ed, sisters Terri and Kim, and brother Mark, who also is business partner.

Education: Two bachelor of science degrees, one in chemistry and one in biology, and a master's degree in mechanical engineering, all from the University of Utah. I also hold a professional engineer's license.

Primary products: Consulting services to companies. etc Group Inc. is primarily a woman-owned organization of technical professionals dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of American industry and reducing the impact of energy use on the global environment.

Primary markets: Local, national, international.

Number of employees: 4.

Annual sales: Not available.


First "real" job: "Girl Friday" at my dad's engineering firm.

Management style: We have the same goals and trust each other, which makes for a very productive, comfortable work environment.

Strategy for success: Like what you do. Work hard and have fun.

A memorable failure: Working as an undergraduate research assistant, I set up and turned on the equipment for a synthesis. I put it together wrong because I didn't know what I was doing and I was afraid I'd look stupid if I asked for help. Fortunately, a kindly post-doctoral student in the lab noticed before the thing blew up. I learned that it's really stupid not to ask stupid questions.

Heroes: Ruth, the character on "Northern Exposure."

Leisure time and hobbies: Hiking, books, fishing, eating, camping, renovating the house, sailboarding, Nordic skiing - so many vices, so little time.

Favorite book and movie: I can't choose just one! "Pride and Prejudice" and "The Once and Future King" for books; "The Gods Must Be Crazy" for film.