Here are some highlights of Mayor Joe Jenkins' proposed budget for fiscal year 1988-89, beginning July 1. The City Council by law has until June 15 to study, revise and approve the budget.

-The $53 million budget total represents a 2.8 percent spending increase over this year's $51.5 million budget as adopted by the City Council.-City employees would get a 1 percent cost-of-living raise in July and a 2 percent one-time bonus in December. The proposals would cost the city $482,000.

-The Provo Energy Department, which administers the city's municipal power system, accounts for roughly half the total budget figure. Energy revenues provide the city with about $28 million. Expenses to run the system total about $24 million.

-The general fund, which pays the cost of runningall city departments, will increase about 2.3 percent. That figure is up some $300,000 over this year's projected general fund total, to about $13.4 million. Adjusting for inflation, general fund spending actually will decrease as compared to this year's budget.

-The general fund represents about 25 percent of all city expenditures.

-About 75 percent of general fund expenditures will be spent on employee salaries and benefits and other personnel costs. About 12 percent is to be spent on department operations.

-Roughly 50 percent of general fund expenditures will go for the costs of providing police and fire protection and other public safety services.

-The proposed budget calls for hiring three additional police officers.

-A negligible budget surplus of $415cq is projected at the June 30, 1989, close of next fiscal year.