June 1991 -- Salt Lake City loses 1998 Winter Games to Nagano, Japan

June 1991 -- Bid backers look to U.S. Olympic Committee for financial help with Olympic facilities

July 1991 -- Salt Lake business community backs another bid

July 1991 -- Salt Lake Olympic Bid Committee officials say they're readying another bid

October 1991 -- 1998 bid ends up $38,000 in the black despite spending nearly $500,000 more than raised during budget year

November 1991 -- USOC approves slowdown in Olympic facilities construction schedule to cut state's operation and maintenance costs

November 1991 -- Taxpayers group loses lawsuit to halt state Olympic facilities construction


March 1992 -- Opposition to locating speed skating oval near University of Utah results in new sites being considered

October 1992 -- Kearns chosen as site of speed skating oval


August 1993 -- Summer training facilities, including an Olympic-sized landing pool for freestyle ski jumpers, dedicated at Utah Winter Sports Park

October 1993 -- Ski Utah official hired as first executive director of Utah Sports Authority, the state agency overseeing winter sports facility construction

November 1993 -- Utahns' support for Salt Lake City's hosting Olympics reaches all-time high of 73 percent

November 1993 -- Proposal to sell state's winter sports facilities to the privately funded bid committee if Salt Lake City gets the Games is first made public


February 1994 -- Utah bid backers lobby International Olympic Committee members during 1994 Winter Games in Lillehammer, Norway

February 1994 -- Legislature approves sale of state's winter sports facilities to bid committee

May 1994 -- Groundbreaking for speed skating oval in Kearns

June 1994 -- Groundbreaking for bob sled and luge track in Utah Winter Sports Park near Park City

June 1994 -- Federal investigation of state road through private housing development to Utah Winter Sports Park revealed

June 1994 -- Documents show commerical development is permitted at Utah Winter Sports Park despite assurances otherwise by state officials.

June 1994 -- Bid backers hold $365-a-plate dinner to launch campaign aimed at involving Utahns in final year of competition. Opponents hold own fund-raising party in public park on the same night.

June 1994 -- Plan to withhold repayment of taxpayers' $59 million investment in winter sports facilities until all Olympic debts are paid is proposed by Gov. Mike Leavitt

July 1994 -- Provo demands state build $3 million ice rink, Utah Sports Authority said it has no money in budget for project

August 1994 -- State signs contract to sell winter sports facilities to bid committee after it is amended to require taxpayers benefit from commercial development

August 1994 -- Bid committee announces proposed $798 million budget for 2002 Winter Games

August 1994 -- Salt Lake City and eight other cities bidding for 2002 Winter Games make presentations to IOC in Paris, France

August 1994 -- State predicts hosting the Winter Games would have a $1.7 billion economic impact on the state

September 1994 -- Influential Utah industrialist Jon Huntsman tells Salt Lake Rotary Club that Olympic boosters are "sugarcoating" the financial risks of hosting the Winter Games

September 1994 -- Bid committee budget documents show taxpayers may have to double investment if Games awarded to Salt Lake City to pay for new projects including athlete housing at University of Utah and new 8,000-seat ice arena

September 1994 -- IOC Evaluation Commission visits Salt Lake City

September 1994 -- Bid committee president Tom Welch asks legislative panel not to introduce any bills dealing with Olympics during 1995 Legislature; panel agrees

October 1994 -- Bid committee successfully pressures educators to halt plans for school debates on Olympics

October 1994 -- Opponents begin collecting signatures for ballot question to stop further public funding of Olympics

November 1994 -- Support for Olympics slips to all-time low of 56 percent among Utahns

November 1994 -- Bid committee officials acknowledge the need to improve image among Utahns and promise new public relations effort at home

November 1994 -- Salt Lake City officials acknowledge donating $60,000 this year to bid effort described as privately funded

December 1994 -- Study of "Olympism" proposed for Utah students

December 1994 -- Jon Huntsman issues another statement opposing the 2002 Winter Games bid

December 1994 -- Salt Lake City receives highest rating among bid cities in IOC Evaluation Commission report


January 1995 -- Salt Lake City makes another presentation to IOC, this time in Lausanne, Switzerland. Welch tells international press that Salt Lake City won't bid again if city doesn't get 2002 Winter Games

January 1995 -- IOC names Salt Lake City; Ostersund, Sweden; Quebec, Canada; and Sion, Switzerland; as finalists for the 2002 Winter Games, eliminating cities in Austria, Italy, Russia, Spain and Slovakia

February 1995 -- Official visits of IOC members begin, bid committee hopes for about two-thirds of 94 voting members

February 1995 -- Bid committee finally releases detailed budget proposed for 2002 Winter Games

March 1995 -- At least 10 local government officials plan to travel to Budapest, Hungary in June for IOC awarding of the bid

June 16, 1996 -- IOC will choose site of 2002 Winter Games during meeting in Budapest, Hungary