Illegal aliens are using I-70 in Colorado to evade capture as they travel across country, according to U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service officials.

Colorado officials say they are finding more illegal aliens on the state's highways as beefed-up patrols in states bordering Mexico are forcing illegal aliens to travel more relaxed routes in search of work.In Utah, INS agents have arrested three carloads of illegal aliens, 25 in all, on I-70 in the last two weeks.

Previously, many aliens migrated along I-10 or I-40 to move through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

But increased enforcement by the INS and local authorities in border states is forcing more aliens to move north through Nevada and catch I-70 to cross the country.

"From the standpoint of illegal aliens driving through and us contacting them, it's definitely higher than it's ever been," said Jeff Beavers of the Eagle County Sheriff's Department.

"We're seeing a lot of aliens trying to get deeper into the interior, to areas where they haven't previously worked, where they think there isn't as much immigration activity," Russell said.