A teenage Burley girl missing since the end of February has been found slain.

The decomposed body of Regina Lee Krieger, who disappeared two days before her 15th birthday, was found during the weekend on the bank of the Snake River downstream from the Minidoka Dam. An autopsy showed she was slashed or stabbed to death."Since we had been treating the case with the idea that she was alive, we're going to have to look at leads quite differently now," Cassia County Sheriff Billy Crystal said. "We're going to start interviewing witnesses again."

Crystal said there are no suspects.

"I had always wondered how a parent could survive with a missing child - not knowing from day to day where they are or what is happening to them," Krieger's mother, Rhonda said. "Now I know."

Family spokeswoman Reia Winn, an aunt, said Krieger kept a personal journal but was unsure whether its contents were reality or fantasy.

"Regina was a very emotionally upset child," Winn said. "We didn't know what was truth and what was a lie with her. She was pretty much out of control, unable to handle the things happening to and around her."

Krieger's body was identified through her dental records. The autopsy found two wounds, one on the throat and the other on the chest. Crystal said either could have been fatal. The sheriff said the autopsy indicated the body had been in the river for 30 days.