The Utah Psychiatric Association has announced it will help provide needed medical services to patients at Timpanogos Community Mental Health Center.

According to Dr. Joe C. Culberton, association president, the program was prompted by the organization's concern that many of the center's patients are not receiving necessary psychiatric treatment because of a shortage of psychiatrists there.Six of the association's psychiatrists have volunteered to donate time to help relieve the current pressing need for psychiatric services at the center.

The need was created by the suspension last month of the center's clinical director, Dr. Richard Spencer, following allegations of mismanagement of funds at the tri-county facility.

Spencer's actions have since been reviewed by the center's board, and he has been rehired to a staff position, according to Dr. David Dangerfield, interim director.

Spencer will be restricted to working 40 hours a week, however, leaving the center 10 to 20 hours per week short of psychiatric help. This help was previously provided by Spencer.

Dr. Robert Warburton, acting clinical director, said the professional services volunteered by members of the Utah Psychiatric Association will be extremely helpful during this difficult period of reorganization. It is anticipated that the center will hire an additional psychiatrist following the restructuring of the program.