Salt Lake City and the police union have hammered out proposed elements of a contract but must still resolve how big the raises will be for officers who have gone four years without a cost of living increase.

Initial negotiations between the city and union representing more than half of the police department are completed, union President Dave Greer says."It all hinges on the money issues," said Greer, who took over as union president in December. "The city's not going to release the figures until the week of April 17th. We will get a raise. The question is how much."

The city cited poor revenues and sprialing costs as reasons for the lack of cost of living increases.

The City Council last summer passed an ordinance covering police and fire protection after the unions rejected their contracts.

"What we have done is restructured the pay scale," said Greer. "The question is whether we'll get enough funds to implement the pay scale."

Negotiations the past two weeks were very positive, said Greer, who declined to comment on the specifics of the contract that covers 180 officers out of a force of 320. The larger figure includes recruits hired in September who may not have joined the union and officers above the rank of sergeant who are not members.