Leo Carlton: Shot down over Munich, Germany, June 9, 1944. POW for 11 months. "The medal means they finally honored us for doing the best we could while being a prisoner of war."

Kenneth R. Ferrin: Captured on Bataan Island. POW for 31/2 years. Medal means "that they finally recognized us. It's about 40 years too late in coming."Vivian O. Johnson: Captured April 8, 1942, survived the Bataan Death March. POW 31/2 years. "This medal is appreciated by me. I have heard some people say we should have kept fighting instead of getting captured. But in the Philippines everyone was surrendered by the general in charge. There was no choice."

Alfred L. Huish Jr.: Shot down over Budapest, Hungary. POW for eight months. Escaped once. "It's hard to say what a medal means. People have a tendency to forget. But this shows that someone is remembering and wants to let us know what we went through isn't forgotten - and they appreciate it."

Norman L. Moyes: Captured in the Philippines, May 6, 1942. POW 31/2 years. "It (the medal) means a lot to me. I can't describe it. I have waited 45 years for this medal."

Bernice Amox Honeycutt: Widow of two survivors of Bataan Death March and deceased POWs. "The medals mean so much that when I got them in the mail, I sat and held them and cried until I ended up in the hospital with a heart attack. If I get through today without having another one, it will be a miracle."