A generation after "The Parent Trap" appeared, actress Hayley Mills in appearing in "Parent Trap III."

In Disney's 1961 comedy, the British actress played twins separated in infancy by their parents' divorce. One sister lived in sunny California. The other had a more reserved lifestyle in New England.Like 1986's "Parent Trap II," the third movie premieres on the Disney Channel.

"Both girls, Sharon and Susan, were a part of me," Mills said. "Yes, I do lead two lives. That's exactly how I feel. But that was even more true when I was a child. It takes a while to adjust to a new way of life.

"I think everyone who isn't a twin or a triplet wonders at some time what it would be like to have someone you're so completely in tune with. I got to experience that a little bit when we did the first film. The girl who was my double looked very much like me."