It's the Lyle and Leo show.

Lyle Lovett and Leo Kottke, two musicians who "do it their way" will be at Kingsbury Hall on Sunday at 7:30 for what promises to be a very progressive evening.Lovett, who swings between big band sounds (his band is call The Large Band) and hardcore, cheatin' heart country music, draws out strong emotions in listeners. Some love him, some can't abide him, most don't understand.

But his work is highly respected. A recent cover version of Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man" - sung by Lyle - sets the song on its head as we hear a man pleading with his woman to hang with him.

And his latest album is full of blues, jump band tunes and songs that border on Duke Ellington jazz.

As for Kottke, he's an acoustic guitar virtuoso. He's most famous for his busy, intricate songs in open tunings, but has the range and versatility to go one-on-one with most guitarists in the business.

Kottke will open the show. He has 20 LPs to his credit and has toured with the best in the business - to the point there's practically a Kottke cult.

Tickets are $15.

For information on the shows call 581-7100. - Jerry Johnston.