Greta Garbo, describing herself as a "sour little creature," says: "If somebody gave me a million dollars I wouldn't write anything about myself. I wouldn't do it for anything under the sun.

"I don't think it's worthwhile. I don't think it's very interesting."Comments made over the past 26 years by the reclusive film star, who hasn't made a movie since 1941, were recorded by a friend and published in a spring issue of Life magazine.

"I don't want any kind of attention from anybody, except that I know that someone likes me, and that's nice. Otherwise, it's sickening," she said.

The 84-year-old Garbo, who has an apartment in Manhattan, says she suffers from inertia. "But to run from place to place is not what I'm looking for," she said. "I can't take it. You have to show passports, and someone might say, `Oh, that's the one who used to be in the movies.' "

She said she's always wanted two lives: "one for the movies, one for myself."