PEPCON Corp. will begin manufacturing an additive used in space shuttle booster motors and other rockets next month, a company official says.

The plant is relocating from Henderson, Nev., following last May's explosion in which two people died and more than $175 million in property was damaged.Plant manager Braxton Morgan interviewed applicants at the Cedar City job placement center this week. He said the company will employ 60 people initially when it begins the first phase of its operations May 15.

Eleven are from southern Nevada - including six supervisors and managers and five skilled hourly workers with 20 or more years experience with the firm. The remaining 49 people will be hired from economically depressed Iron and Washington counties.

Most new employees will earn $6 an hour when they begin 30 days of classroom training Monday morning. When the plant begins producing ammonium perchlorate next month, the wage jumps to $7 an hour, and will go to $8 in another 30 days.